Shaping Climate Policies

As Shapers have one foot inside established organisations, companies and institutions where they can drive change from within, the Global Shapers Stockholm Hub has decided that community members can approach climate policies intrapreneurs to push internal policies that we care about. However, there is a lack of public information about climate policies - and the processes to formulate those to suit one’s own institution. Greenwashing is not acceptable; climate principles need be genuine and actionable. Therefore, the Global Shapers Stockholm Hub is launching a project to:

i) gather existing climate policies from companies, institutions, organisations;

ii) collect experiences of what it is like to initiative and drive climate policy change within organisations on different scales;

iii) break down the learning to formulate a toolbox;

iv) showcase actionable climate policies from different types of organisations.

The Global Shapers Stockholm Hub is doing this in order to educate other young professionals in Stockholm - which has a strong ecosystem of startups and sustainably minded attitudes - on which policies that work and how to lead the change. The project is led by the Stockholm Hub, and strengthened thanks to cross-Shaper/Hub collaboration. This initiative will serve as an open library and toolbox for the larger Global Shapers community.