The Shaping-Collaboratively project is created on the principles of collaboration, empowerment, sharing and shaping impact. Overall the project seeks to address food security concerns, provide factual and truthful educational content and share positive stories to inspire hope and celebrate the positive work done in our community. The project seeks to assist a local organisation in Stellenbosch, Her Voice who's mission is to empower young mothers through skills, educational workshops, and providing basic necessities. The project will aim to support Her Voice in providing food hampers for young mothers whose livelihoods have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown imposed in South Africa. This project will seek to make an impact through collaboration with other organisations and mobilising funds from various sources to address the needs identified and the effects of the pandemic expected to be experienced beyond the lockdown period. In addition, the Hub will seek to provide practical support through the provision of practical skills training which will include basic CV writing and interview skills to prepare a group of 140 beneficiaries to apply for jobs, as many have lost their jobs due to the crisis. This will form part of the overall skills uplifting education project launched by the Hub.

Similarly the Hub will participate in global initiatives to share truthful educational content regarding the coronavirus and bust myths which may exist. This includes working along with other South African hubs to translate information into the official South African languages. Whilst sharing truthful and factual information, the Hub also seeks to provide and shed light on positive stories and work performed in the community by local organisations which will inspire hope.