Shaping Entrepreneurship

The small business space was not left untouched by the devastation of the pandemic and it has undoubtedly caused a lot of disruption and uncertainty for start-ups/small business owners.  


The World Trade Organisation has released statistics that show that 95% of the world’s companies are MSMEs and 60% of the world’s employment is provided by MSMEs. There is a strong economic case for why small businesses need support due to the contribution they make to our economy, and how much larger that contribution could be.


We have established a programme that aims to:

  • Share entrepreneurial best practices from established small business owners through a series of educational sessions

  • Create a networking platform

  • Link the start-ups with funding opportunities

  • Initiate connections with mentors


We aim to support at least 10 start-up/small business owners in the Johannesburg community and use the learnings from this programme for future support programmes for local entrepreneurs.