Shaping Fashion

Launched in 2018, Shaping Fashion is a global initiative to scale sustainable transformations in the fashion industry through the Global Shapers network. From 23-29 April 2018 for Fashion Revolution Week, 13 hubs collaborated with local teams of industry experts from the non-profit Fashion Revolution.

Under the leadership of Amsterdam Hub, hubs around the world organised meaningful events, workshops, clothes swaps and film screenings to call for revolutionary and ethical change in their communities.

For example, Vancouver Hub gathered industry experts and next generation fashion designers to provide insights on the challenges, opportunities and innovations facing sustainable fashion.

The hub also hosted an upcycling workshop to mainstream circular economy models to make ethical, sustainable fashion the norm – and Dusseldorf Hub hosted similar events too.

Check out more highlight from: Corrientes Hub, Lahore Hub, and Davao Hub.

Other participating hubs included: Iloilo Hub, Lusaka Hub, Lyon Hub, Milan Hub, Quito Hub, Raleigh Hub and Taipei Hub.

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