Shaping Fashion Joinville

Joinville Hub joined the global Shaping Fashion project in 2019, with Livia Rudolph being the committee member for Latin America. As a starting point, the hub organized and cocreated a Fashion Revolution Week at the University Uniasselvi (Guaramirim Campus), partnering with the Fashion Design coordinator at the university. Hub members organized four days of activities, with lectures from academics and practitioners, a design thinking workshop with the students of both fashion design and communications courses and a clothing swap event. On the digital front, the hub translated and organized with other Brazilian hubs to post the "5 simple ways" social media campaign and raise our reach to the national level

Project's problem statement: The fashion industry impacts the nature and workers in the field from the production of raw materials, for example cotton planting, dyeing the pieces, large volume of water involved in the process, to working conditions of sewing, printing, etc. professionals that are often exploited by their employers.

Project's proposed solution: One way to mitigate this impact is through changes in consumption. Through society's conscious consumption, investing in brands that are responsible for mitigating their environmental impacts and offering jobs with decent working conditions and remuneration. The project proposed to bring to young people who intend to follow the fashion industry information about the negative impact that fast fashion could have.