Shaping Fashion Mexico City

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. We seek to generate awareness, alternatives, and inspiration to act in the sustainable fashion industry. We believe that the industry is inclusive, however, access to information on the environmental cost of each garment is not yet.


Start date: February 2020

Stage: Execution

Impact area: Climate & Environment/Equity & Inclusion

Problem statement:

Youth in Mexico City needs to understand the real cost of fast fashion so that they can change their consumer behavior and ask for better practices from the fashion industry.

Target group: People from 23-33 years old

Proposed solution:

In the short term, host awareness digital events to form a community committed to the fashion revolution.

Milestones and timeline:

April 2020 - Fashion Revolution Week. Digital campaign, blog post, and "The real cost of fast fashion" webinar.

August 2020 - Capsule wardrobe online workshop

Octubre 2020 - Haulternative week on our social media channels.

December 2020 - Digital campaign about local consumption.

February 2021 - Partnership with Fashion Revolution Mexico for fashion business sustainability diagnostics (Ongoing)

Abril 2021 - Shaping Fashion Global Webinar

Collaborators: Long Workshop, Global Shapers Hub Cuernavaca, Fashion Revolution Mexico.