Shaping Futures Podcast

The Shaping Futures Podcast places emerging South Australian leaders in conversation to critically discuss the big issues shaping our shared future. In each episode, the hub spotlights youth-led initiatives to inspire listeners with the knowledge that they can take part in changing the world - right here, in Adelaide.

We completed Season 1 of the podcast having recorded and released five episodes. These episodes cover the topics of poverty, political literacy, sustainable cities, entrepreneurship and what it means to live in a Conscious City. To help us promote the city of Adelaide as a destination for global innovation and community leadership, we ensured that there was at least one question in each episode about 'Adelaide' and the way in which the discussion theme intersects with this.

We were successful in obtaining a local government grant that enabled us to purchase equipment and editing software to build the podcast and ensure good recording quality.  As of March 2022, the first season has had 150+ downloads through Spotify. We promoted the episodes through social media and by utilising targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook.

We want our listeners to be more aware of their social impact and value in South Australia. As such, the key aims and outcomes achieved in this season where to: 

  • Empower youth to create global impact in the following areas: climate and wellbeing, the arts, education and workforce, and tech innovation.

  • Promote Adelaide as a destination for global innovation and community leadership.

  • Become a key stakeholder group for South Australian youth leaders by building the Global Shapers brand through this podcast.

  • Share inspiration for what individuals can do in their community both now, and into the future, to be better global citizens; and, 

  • Create opportunities for youth to participate in events, projects or partner initiatives.