Shaping the Tanzanian Constitution

Tanzania is set to convene a constitutional assembly in 2014 that will debate and finalize a draft constitution that will be put up for a National Referendum. A new constitution will be adapted if and only if a majority of votes (50% plus 1) in both mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar vote to adapt the new constitution.

Because a constitution is the supreme law of the land and this constitutes the largest review and redraft of the Tanzanian constitution and the first time involving members of the public, the Dar es Salaam Hub seeks to contribute to the drafting of the constitution, echoing voices of Tanzanian youth, so that we may be a part of shaping Tanzania's future for the better.

This project will be inclusive of all constituencies and will be non-partisan. We do not intend to alienate any political view and only seek to shape mutually agreeable issues within the Tanzanian constitution. Our review of the draft and all subsequent drafts will be driven by lessons learned from South Africa and Kenya, among other countries; global expert opinion; research on Tanzanian youths' views on the constitution; among other inclusive consultative forums.