Shaping Vision

Problem Statement:

Children from low socioeconomic backgrounds studying in government-run schools lose out on a lot in classroom learning due to eyesight-related problems. As they don’t have access to eye care, they’re unable to rectify the issues and the problem compounds further resulting in a loss of education / dropping out of school.

Target Group:

Underprivileged & low-income students studying in government-run schools in Chandigarh and surrounding regions.

Proposed Solution:

To organize eye checkup camps at government-run schools in the region, in partnership with local ophthalmologists & provide free prescription spectacles as required to the students along with guidance on how to keep their eyes healthy and maintain good eyesight.

Hub Activities:

On-ground eye check-ups have been conducted over the last 4 years by the hub wherein almost 50% of the region’s government-run schools have been covered with over 10,000 students’ eyesight being checked. Around 1,500 students have been given free prescription spectacles and eye care advice.

Short & Long-Term Results:

The hub noticed students dropping out of school due to this problem because they were financially unable to get eye checkups done in a timely manner, and their weak eyesight did not permit them to focus on studying properly. The eye checkups and appropriate follow-up action by this project enable students to focus on their studies ensuring taht they stay in school.

Students are provided with prescription spectacles after a checkup and the ones who are not detected with weak eyesight, are given the best advice to keep their eyes healthy.

In the long term, the hub aims to provide complete support to these students and motivate them to keep a check on their vision.

Available Metrics:

  • Conducted eye checkups for 10,000+ students to date

  • 30+ Shapers from Chandigarh hub over the last 4 years have participated in these activities

  • More than 50 low-income or government-run schools have been covered under this activity

  • 1,500+ students are currently wearing prescription spectacles provided by this project


Worked with local ophthalmologist partners and individual donors.