Shared Spaces Foundation Fundraiser

Problem Statement:

What is now Seattle has been inhabited since the end of the last glacial period (8000 BC-10,000 years ago). The Duwamish Tribe once inhabited over 50 villages in the area, but now only own less than an acre of land.


Target Group:

Giving land back to the Duwamish Tribe is a step towards restorative justice and land sovereignty.


Proposed Solution:

Members of the Seattle Hub are supporting the Shared Spaces Foundation in raising funds to purchase land in Seattle, preserve it from harmful development, and give the land to the Duwamish Tribe


Hub Activities:

As a small, newly-formed local organization, Shared Spaces Foundation needs support in the form of capacity so that they can reach their goals. This includes website development support, social media content creation, outreach support, and grant-writing assistance.


Short & Long-Term Goals:

The goal of this project is to provide the Shared Spaces Foundation with support in their fundraising efforts so that they can reach their goal of raising $1.3 million, buying the land to preserve it from harmful development, develop sustainable facilities (greenhouse, urban farm, aquaculture pool, community space, campgrounds, recycling center, etc.), and give Seattle land back to the Duwamish Tribe--the Seattle area’s only indigenous tribe.


Available Metrics:

Successfully applied for a City of Seattle Grant on behalf of the Shared Spaces Foundation. Awarded $900,000 for land acquisition. Fundraised ~$7,000 in addition to the grant through social media campaigns and targeted outreach. Supporting the planning and execution of a fundraiser auction/gala. So far have received donations of 25 lb of salmon, vegan artisanal ice cream for ~60 people, and auction items (including art, lessons, and activities). 



This project is being done in collaboration with the Shared Spaces Foundation, who is working in partnership with the Duwamish Tribe and many other local organizations.