Sharing Ideas to Stay Positive in Social Isolation

Today, the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world made countries take the most stringent pandemic prevention measures. In such a difficult time of social isolation, we need to remain positive and take advantage of this opportunity to stay at home with our family or spend time on self-development.

Today, the Global Shapers Tashkent Hub launched its first project to support our friends, communities and all interested parties, because everyone needs support. Let's share what we are doing during social isolation and break the boundaries at least on social media. After all, each of our ideas can be useful to others.

The conditions are very simple:

1. Record a short video or take a picture of what you do when you are at home, in quarantine or at work, if you have to work

2. Upload the video/photo to your Facebook and/or Instagram page

3. Be sure to tag Global Shapers Tashkent Hub with the following hashtags: #ShapingHealth #PreventionOverPanic #VahimasizKarantin #КарантинБезПаники

4. We will definitely find your video/photo/post by tags or hashtags and share the video on our pages on social media.