She Leads Green

Problem statement:

While it has been fairly well-documented that gender and sustainability have strong linkages, and that climate action with women at the helm will have more effectiveness, we still see low participation of women in the climate action movement, given structural biases, lack of awareness and very few avenues for women to be involved in jobs related to sustainability and climate change mitigation. With SheLeadsGreen, we aim to address this gap through advocacy, inspiration, and capacity-building for young college girls, women professional and entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the sector.


Proposed solution:

To address this problem, this project consists of three parts:

  1. Explore: Interlinkages between Gender and Sustainability - An awareness, research-intensive campaign to make people aware of the importance of achieving gender equality in a bid to achieve the targets of all other SDGs.

  2. Inspire: Women to become effective climate change agents - A series of workshops designed to inspire, connect and increase the participation of women in sustainability by connecting them to women climate leaders.

  3. Create: Careers in Sustainability - A series of capacity-building workshops to address employment issues faced by women in the sustainability sector through mentorship and networking. We aim to enable women to participate equally in sustainability efforts and pave the path by helping them navigate a career in sustainability.


Key metrics and impact:

  • We have published 20 well-researched articles/ blog posts exploring interlinkages between gender and sustainability

  • Our work got published in local media that publishes ideas and reportage on issues of development for India’s youth -

  • Total impressions on all articles: ~5000

  • Total interactions on all articles: ~400



We have collaborated with 9 grassroots organizations working in the space of sustainability as knowledge and outreach partners - Barefoot College International, ReNew Foundation, Network Capital, IamGurgaon, EcoSattva, The Green Gen Project,  Kachrewaale Project, The Intelligent Indian and Pondicherry Hub