Shine My Fail

Shine My Fail addresses the pervasive stigma surrounding failure. Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift, the initiative seeks to redefine failure as a virtue, not an obstacle, by organizing a series of conferences featuring speakers from diverse professional backgrounds.

The target audience spans aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals seeking inspiration. "Shine my Fail" aims to celebrate failure through candid narratives, encouraging attendees to view setbacks as transformative forces.

The project’s activities include interactive workshops and networking opportunities to facilitate engagement and learning.

Short-term goals involve inspiring a positive mindset shift, while long-term objectives include cultivating a culture that embraces failure as a catalyst for growth.

The last 3 editions of Shine My Fail celebrated, with more than 120 attendees each, the failure in different domains:

  • Media

  • Woman Leadership

  • Mind and Body in Motion

  • Entrepreneurship