Siloé Paraíso Inexplorado

Problem Statement:

Target Group:

Inhabitants of the Brisas de Mayo neighborhood in Siloé

Proposed Solution:

Under the slogan "there are more reasons that unite us than those that separate us", we are building with the leaders of the Brisas de Mayo neighborhood in Siloé their dream of establishing themselves as a tourist route, similar to the project of the Comuna 13 in Medellín, making the transformation visible of the neighborhood through an experience that allows visitors to break down the stigma that historically weighs on it and also reduce the social gap.

Hub Activities:

Through the project Siloé Paraíso Inexplorado, The Cali Hub has helped restore public spaces, including murals, planting trees, beautification of trails, creation of sculptures, arrangement of parks, and also trained community leaders in project construction, tourism and service provision, held work tables to carry out a product that is attractive to locals.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: 

1. To co-construct a tourist route along with the inhabitants of the Brisas de Mayo neighborhood that captures the history, culture and identity of this part of the city.

2. To generate opportunities for social and labor insertion for the inhabitants of the neighborhood within the framework of the tourist route.

3. To co-construct new narratives for the neighborhood that promote peace, exhibit their culture and demonstrate how sports bring them together and overcome their differences. 

4. To position the tourist route as a benchmark for conscious tourism at the local level

5. To generate the conditions so that actors who do not often talk to each other on a daily basis, interact and build together around a purpose

Available Metrics:

1. 6 young leaders informally trained in tourism. This years we expect them to start a formal education process in this subject.