SineMASAL is a social responsibility project bringing cinema and its surrounding culture to kids living in rural Anatolia. SineMASAL is a complete none-profit endeavor made possible through pro-bono volunteer efforts, individual donations as well as corporate social responsibility giving culture.

SineMASAL aims to introduce the magical experience of cinema and performance arts culture to kids living in areas economically and culturally impoverished. On the other hand, our open-air film festival introduces the rich culture and history of Anatolia and its generous hospitality to international volunteer performance artist guests. We hope to promote cross cultural and societal dialogue through arts, culture and the spirit of caring.

After a year’s careful planing in the summer of 2013 our volunteers traveled across historically rich and culturally diverse South East Anatolia / Güneydoğu Anadolu. A group of 45 young volunteers from Turkey were joined by 12 performance artists from 6 countries across Europe to create a memorable night in the lives of kids with no access to a cinema or performance arts. In just 3 weeks we brought cinema experience and ‘touched lives’ with 7000 kids across 6 cities and 30 villages in South East Anatolia. Over 70% of our little friends experienced watching a film on 'magic screen' for the first time, 100% of them experienced live flamenco, shadow theater, mim theater...

This year our target area is Northern Anatolia / Karadeniz with its natural beauty, colorful culture and mountainous terrains. In a geographically difficult area SineMASAL aims to reach over 5,000 kids this summer (2014). And we need your support to make this collective dream come true.

For more information, scheduling and how you can help, please visit: