Since we’re in the midst of the transformative impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the time is now to start preparing for the future of work. Even just five years from now, more than one-third of the skills we believe are essential for today's workforce will have changed according to the Future of Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum.

The way we manage, lead and work in organisations is evolving and changing constantly, and social projects aren’t excluded. If an entrepreneur uses his or her skills to manage their business, learning new skills is a must now to ensure sustainability and competitiveness in the market. The workforce is an asset and investing in it is contributing to the future. The Skills4Skills campaign will give the stage to entrepreneurs reflecting the future of work.

Skills4Skills is an online call-to-action for young professionals, supporting each other through advocacy and skills exchange. The aim is to increasing the understanding of skills building and empower young people. The campaign is featuring testimonial videos from 30 social entrepreneurs around the world who are implementing their own projects and recruiting youngsters in the process. We aim at reflecting approximately thirty answers to one question, which is: ‘’ How will the future of work affect social projects?" and "How are social entrepreneurs structuring their businesses to stay ahead of the curve?". A report will be shared with all the findings.

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- Launching Future Skills development workshops, based on the Future of Jobs report by World Economic Forum. And preparing afollow up session about the careers of the future.