Skillshare Breakfast: Overcoming Biases - Living Diversity and Inclusion

We all are biased, this is how our brain works. In order to live in an equal world we need to know our biases, deal with them and overcome them.

The Skillshare Breakfast by the Global Shapers Vienna Hub aims to give you an overview of the status quo on cultural and gender diversity and biases.

The organizers plan to discuss strategies on how to overcome your own biases in your personal and professional lives in order to:

➡️ Become aware of your own biases

➡️ Develop strategies to overcome your biases

➡️ Learn about biases in HR and how to overcome them

➡️ Enjoy an open discussion and have fun

What you need for this webinar:

➡️ Reflect about your own biases and what you are doing to overcome them