Skriveriet ('the Writery')

Those who write about the world, shape the world. This has remained true throughout the centuries, and even after the increase in European literacy rates and the more recent proliferation of personal blogs and influencers, the fact remains that influential writers impact the direction of the world in profound ways. But making writing your profession is difficult, and so it remains the case that it is the people who know other people who have successfully done this become the next generation of writers.


In Sweden writers and other public figures are disproportionately made up of urban people from well-off backgrounds. Perspective matters, and it is for this reason that the Global Shapers Stockholm Hub is creating a youth prize in literature. Literature can increase empathy, further social cohesion, and create a new vocabulary for nuanced discussion. For this to happen, however, we need a broader range of literary voices that reflects society as it looks today.

The Global Shapers Stockholm Hub marketed the competition and found relevant partner organisations to make it happen. The winner was chosen by a jury of prominent Swedish writers, and given a stipend of 10.000 SEK with the hope that this would allow them to dedicate some time specifically to writing.

The Hub is aiming at widening the pool of young writers who consider making writing their career and subsequently inspire a broader range of perspectives to be represented on the Swedish literary scene.




Priset riktar sig till ungdomar i åldrarna 16 till 29 som känner att de tycker om att uttrycka sig i skrift. That’s it! Vi välkomnar alla som lockas av tanken att nå ut till en större läsekrets att skicka in sitt bidrag. Ett antal utvalda bidrag kommer att publiceras i en antologi som kommer sammanställas och ges ut efter tävlingen är slut.


Mer information om årets skrivtävling kommer snart! Håll utkik på vår webbsida och instagram för uppdateringar!


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