Smart Kumasi

Our vision for a Smart Kumasi refers to a city which builds on it existing strengths and assets as well as on developing new opportunities. In Smart Kumasi, we envision enhancing of traditional and new networks and services by means of digital, telecommunication technologies, innovations and the better use of knowledge & data, for the benefit of inhabitants and businesses. Smart Kumasi Imitative will build on traditional Production, Process and Services with Digital technologies to enhance productivity, wealth creation, efficiency and effectiveness for a sustainable development . Digital technologies and innovations may support quality of life, higher standard of living, public services for citizens, better use of resources, less impact on the environment, and new opportunities for the city value chains in terms of products and improved processes. The concept of Smart Kumasi will propose for the focus on mapping and strengthening zonal ecosystem of the city does not propose a one-size-fits-all solution for the zonal ecosystem of the city. It is territorially sensitive, based on the needs and potentials of the respective territory and strategy-led, supported by new or existing territorial strategies.To achieve a Smart Kumasi, we propose that 1. Facilitate the engagement of local actors to Identify entrepreneurs, connecting them with support services (and one another), and sustaining them through mentorship and accelerator-type programs are all critical early-stage elements of an ecosystem 2. Facilitate the engagement of local actors in the design and delivery of strategies, decision-making, and resource allocation for the development of the City. 3. Identify best practices upon which decision makers and the City can build future development strategies. 4. Facilitate the engagement of local actors to deal with issues connected to business development in the City including identification of best practices, lessons learned in terms of support mechanisms2. Local government Civic Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs for Engagement of local Innovators and Entrepreneurs to solve Civic institutions and operation challenges.To achieve a Smart Kumasi, we propose 1. Online Open Data platform for the Data collection, analysing, Insight gathering and mapping of ecosystem actors, activities , Challenges and opportunities.