Smart Road Infrastructure

The Puebla Hub has identified a low-cost, yet high-tech solution to improve road infrastructure in the city. By installing a combination of 3D optical perfilometers, ground penetrating radars and road profiling lasers, they will be able to monitor and collect real-time data of the state of the roads.

The solution has three phases:

  1. Data collection, analysis and planning

  2. Pavement management depending on the agreed objectives and financial horizons

  3. Policy decision-making in road infrastructure planning

Puebla has 23.40 Km2 of asphalt pavements, 0.525 Km2 of concrete pavements, and close to 5.70 Km2 of unpaved roads. With this reality, the hub aims to support policy decisions on road infrastructure investment that will translate into time and financial optimization for the city, better mobility for its citizens, and boost further urbanization plans in underdeveloped areas.