Social Capitalism Initiative

The Social Capitalism Initiative promotes deep reflection and commitment towards a business model that contributes towards both common wellbeing and economic development.

The Initiative promotes four key principles for all businesses. 

1. Free enterprise

2. Respect for human dignity

3. Social commitment

4. Humanist leadership

The Monterrey Hub has focused on four activities and deliverables:

1. Research

- Annual business perception survey (add link)

- Value tools for businesses (apps, guidelines, evaluations)

2. Content creation

- Documenting best practices (add link)

- Promotion of discussion pieces about the future of capitalism

3. Training

- Help undergrad and post-grad students as well as new entrepreneurs adopt these principles.

4. Media outreach

- Mass media and social networks.

Our main objectives are:

1. Demonstrate the value of business for society in this historic moment.

2. Create a new generation of social entrepreneurs.

3. Promote free enterprise with humanist leadership.

4. Promote commitment and best practices throughout the business sector.

We will measure specific results with our annual business survey.

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