SocialCreditBank - "О Чем Молчат Женщины"

What is the Initiative?

08/03 International Women’s Day is coming. In this celebrity moment with flowers and love, there is a group of women forgotten -- victims from domestic violence & sexual abuse (DVSA) temperately residing in the only-one crisis center in Bishkek. 85% of women reported about the domestic violence from their partners in Kyrgyzstan. Taking the advantage of this Day, we call for the public care and support for these women. Meanwhile, we would like to help these women tell about their hidden stories “о чем молчат женщины?” (“Why do women stay in silence?”).

This is the first pilot project of our #SocialCreditBank- the first crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform.
There are two channels the public can get engaged:
1) DONATION- donation amounts are recorded in #SocialCreditBank database, and the system rewards donors social credit points;
2) VOLUNTEERING- our skilled volunteers get social credit points based on various activities they contribute to the project (recorded in #SocialCreditBank database).

With accumulated social credit points, volunteers/donors can redeem any professional training opportunity
from the following companies, who support our “Social Credit Bank” and invest in youth development.


[Trainings in March 2015]

​- Personal Investment. Trainer – Financial Director of Kyrgyz Concept;
- Kyrgyz Concept Talks. Six trainers – Kyrgyz Concept;
- The Art of Sale – Invited professional trainer – Kyrgyz Concept;
- Personal Money Management training – SENTI
- Training on Artistry and Handicraft for Beginners - TUMAR ART Group