Youth unemployment in Albania has been severely impacted since the pandemic. As the economic environment is changing, the same could be said about jobs and the skills needed in today’s economy. That is why Global Shapers Tirana Hub is developing the project “SoftSkilling”.

In collaboration with a University in Albania, throughout the first year of the project, the Hub will train 100 students with the skills needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The training program is based on the WEF’s “Future of Jobs” Report, and it is designed to be in line with the skills that are needed in our current labor market.

SoftSkilling is a 10-week training program. Throughout this project the Hub aims to:

  • Upskill and reskill 100 young people in the first year of the project.

  • Increase awareness regarding the importance of Soft Skills in our economy.

  • Expand the project during the next two years to reach out to more young people in different schools and Universities.