Solidarity Project 2013

Since 1984, the October month has been dedicated to solidarity and fight against exclusion in Mali.

By celebrating the month of solidarity each year, the Global Shapers from the Bamako Hub play a significant role in upholding the Government of Mali’s solidarity tradition towards the neediest of society and show true engagement to the cause of improving the state of our local community.

Last October 12, we reiterated our generosity to the orphan children of ASE-Mali (Centre Niaber), an orphanage located in the outskirt of Bamako and home to a large number of orphans and abandoned children between the ages of 0 to 5.

As October 15 was the day of Eid, the Shapers have renewed their attachment to this orphanage and offered 3 sheep for the children and social workers to celebrate together as a family. In addition to a cash amount, they were also offered cans of baby milk, many cartons of fruity juice, packs of diapers, sugar, toys and of course clothing for the social workers to wear as those women work voluntarily to care for these babies.

The action took about one and a half hour, during which we were welcomed in a house setting with fresh beverages. The children were absolutely happy to see us again and were playing around us. Subsequently, our Incoming Curator introduced with the reason of our visit before handing them the aforementioned items brought along by the Shapers.

As the Global Shapers Community is not new to this orphanage, the Coordinator was touched by our thoughts and action. She expressed sincere gratitude and stated she did not know how they would celebrate this year. The challenges being diverse, she stressed on the fact that the resources have been limited since the 2012 coup d’Etat and the ongoing rebel offensive crisis. Many female employees have left and the number of children keeps increasing. She further explained that even the same morning, a newborn was found by the police and brought in.

The Bamako Hub is not at its first Solidarity Project; we recall the 1st phase last October at the same orphanage when Shapers shared a meal and the second phase helping a destitute sick child get a surgery for hydrocephalus. This 3rd phase is only a step towards of a bigger and long lasting legacy.

Global Shapers
Bamako Hub.