Somos Migrantes

Problem statement

The migrant community in Ensenada needs to receive basic services for a dignified life.

Target group

Migrants in Ensenada.

Proposed solution

The Ensenada Hub is launching the project Somos Migrantes with the aim to provide five services to the migrant community through voluntary and low-fee private services, including: medical attention, mobile clinic, mental health counselling, migratory legal advice, nutritional counselling and literacy sessions.

Hub activities and timeline

  • October-December 2021: diagnosis of the migrant community in Ensenada

  • December 2021: establish alliances with those that will contribute with the programme Somos Migrantes to provide their voluntary or low-fee services

  • January 2022: the programme starts providing regularly all five services

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the services

  • Submit a policy brief proposal to our local government

Short-term objectives

Provide the following services to migrants in Ensenada:

  • Medical attention

  • Mental health counselling

  • Immigration legal advice

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Literacy support

Long-term goals

The project Somos Migrantes aims to improve the quality of life of the migrant community in Ensenada and provide them with an integral adaptation to our city.