Sowing Shapers - creating creativity centers in vulnerable areas

Young people from pheripherical communities need a multifunctional space where they can carry out educational activities that help develop the community in long, medium and short-term basis. By working to solve this problem, since 2020, the Sowing Shapers project has buit two studios in high-criminality rate neighborhoods Monte das Oliveiras and Redenção, both in Manaus, Amazonas.

By investing in the infrastructure of communitary non-profits organizations in order to create multidisciplinary spaces for long-term use by the community.


Hub Activities

    Project planning
    Multifunctional space design
    construction monitoring
    Request and monitoring finacial, equipment and furniture donations
    Monitoring space assembly
    Delivery ceremony

 Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

    Enabling activities such as a computer lab, tutoring, and handicraft classes being carried out on-site by the community leaders themselves
    Community 100% responsible for the project's sustainability
    Young people from the community attending the place regularly instead of falling into the spiral of violence
    Lower crime rate in the neighborhood
    New sources of income for the community

Available Metrics

    Minimum of 1 activity per week performed on-site during the first six months of use.
    50% of young people in the community have already been involved in space activities during the first six months.
    Reducde crime in the neighborhood by 10% in the first six months..
    Raise the average number of young people with paid work in the community by 15%.