Soulful Saturdays

With an imposed new normal due to COVID-19, working professionals who are also parents to young kids are facing massive anxiety issues. Many of these are driven by increased work pressures, uncertainty around jobs, pay cuts, etc. In addition to these common anxieties, they also have to manage young kids at home. This increased anxiety over a long period of time can lead to multiple health problems and is best addressed at the onset.


The Gurugram Hub leveraged the expertise of professional psychologists to design a program that involved a series of sustained interventions to support people in managing anxiety. The hub invited specific experts in different areas to conduct a series of sessions. Given the current global pandemic, these sessions were conducted using online conference tools. 

With Soulful Saturdays, we tried to bring back a bit of soul into your daily lives with some fun, wholesome activities planned every two week to shed that frustration and anxiety.



Key metrics and impact

  • Self Care During A Pandemic’ -conducted by Mrs. Sana Khullar Thind, Clinical Psychologist & Mental Health Expert -> 740 participants

  • Mindful Chi - conducted by Ajachi Yoga in association with Tippling Art -> 550 participants

  • Finding Order in Chaos - with Andrea Stone, Founder at Stone Leadership -> 750 participants

  • Meditation & Mindful breathing - with Arindam Kalra, a meditation trainer -> 15 participants