Spoken Shaper

Spoken Shaper is a brave space where we express and re-imagine the world through our voices creatively.


In his book, COVID-19: The Great Reset, Professor Klaus Schwab highlighted the importance of harnessing our creativity:

< Existential crises like the pandemic confront us with our own fears and anxieties and afford great opportunities for introspection. They force us to ask the questions that truly matter and can also make us more creative in our response. >

< When devastating things happen, creativity and ingenuity often thrive. >


Created and hosted by Samantha Akwei (Oakland Hub) and Fatima-Zahra Ma-el-ainin (Casablanca Hub), this space aims to contribute to the global discussion on The Great Reset by focusing on our own individual reset and reinventing ourselves and our personal narratives, while leveraging our creativity to re-imagine and reshape a worthier and more sustainable future for humankind.


We will explore and develop a niche for how we innovate and shape our view of the world and the world itself by what we speak into existence. Members of the Global Shapers Community will be invited to express and develop their artistry through various writing prompts followed by a community-wide open mic with the goal of sustaining our ability to feel amidst a growing autonomous world. As a result, participants will have the opportunity to verbalize and share their voices in an environment that encourages them to be themselves while leveraging their creativity to rebuild, restore and re-imagine our creative economy to reshape the future of what society and mankind can and will be.