Problem Statement: Bahraini youth interested in pursuing careers in sustainability lack access to guidance, mentorship, and opportunities to bridge the gap between education and employment in the sustainability sector.

Target Group: The target group of Sprout includes young Bahrainis who are eager to pursue careers in sustainability.

Proposed Solution: Sprout aims to address the lack of mentorship and resources by connecting experienced sustainability professionals with young Bahrainis through a 4-month mentorship program. This program will provide guidance, support, and exposure to various aspects of sustainability, fostering a more sustainable future for Bahrain. Hub Activities: Budaiya Hub will facilitate the Sprout program by recruiting both experienced sustainability professionals and young Bahraini mentees. It will organize plenary sessions where mentors share expertise, establish mentor-mentee connections, and oversee the progress of the mentorship relationships. Additionally, the hub will collect feedback from mentors and mentees to measure impact and improve the program.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: In the short term, Sprout aims to demystify sustainability careers within Bahrain to mentees, improve mentees’ skills and knowledge needed for careers in sustainability, increase mentees’ engagement in sustainability-related works or studies. In the long term, the program seeks to accelerate the development of Bahraini sustainability human capital, accelerate the career trajectory of sustainability-career focused mentees, and foster Bahraini and Arab sustainability professional network, between both mentors and mentees alike.

Available Metrics: Budaiya Hub will measure the success of the program by tracking the number of mentees and mentors participating, the attendance at different sessions, mentor and mentee satisfaction, mentors' interest in future participation, mentees' career progression (job placements or promotions within 6 months), the longevity of mentor-mentee relationships beyond the program, and the number of sustainability initiatives launched by mentees.

Collaborators: Budaiya Hub will collaborate with "Hope Talents" to accelerate the development of the program, providing resources and support - mainly in the form of providing potential mentors from their talent database.