Startup Weekend Aden

Project: Startup Weekend Aden

Problem Statement: Limited opportunities and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs in Aden, Yemen.

Target Group: Individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations and innovative ideas in Aden. Startup Weekend Aden aims to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, receive mentorship, and connect with potential co-founders and investors.

Hub Activities: Organizing a Startup Weekend event in Aden from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2023 Facilitating ideation sessions and team formation. Providing mentorship and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Hosting workshops and panel discussions on various aspects of startup development. Facilitating networking opportunities with investors and industry experts.

Short-term Goals: Successfully organize the first Startup Weekend Aden event. Engage a diverse group of participants from different backgrounds and sectors. Foster idea development and team formation during the event.

Long-term Goals: Cultivate a thriving startup ecosystem in Aden. Support the growth and success of startups that emerge from Startup Weekend Aden. Attract investment and resources to the local entrepreneurial community.

Available Metrics: Number of Startup Weekend Aden events organized. Participation rate of aspiring entrepreneurs. Number of successful startups launched from the event. Funding secured by participating startups. Longevity and growth of startups post-event. Testimonials and feedback from participants and mentors.