Stay Strong Suba: Vitamin C Drive

#StayStrongSuba is a donation drive to provide 1,000 displaced fire victims in Cebu City with enough vitamins for 30 days, to help boost their immune system despite their living conditions in cramped evacuation centers through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Problem Statement 

At least 259 homes were destroyed during a fire in Barangay Suba and Barangay Pasil in Cebu City last February 26, 2020. The fire happened during the onset of COVID in Cebu City which was dangerous to the citizens since they were relocated in evacuation centers with no proper social distance.


Beneficiary Target Group

There were 1000 families displaced from their homes who are Residents of Barangay Suba and Barangay Pasil in Cebu City, and were quarantined in unsafe conditions with no proper means of social distancing.


Proposed Solution

Due to limitations brought about by the pandemic and safety protocols, the hub created an awareness campaign that helped raise funds to help boost the displaced families’ immune system despite their living conditions in cramped evacuation centers. 


Hub Activities

Launched an online campaign to raise funds in order to provide 1,000 Vitamin C and Drinking water to displaced fire survivors. Coordinated procurement and distribution of Vitamin C supplies and drinking water from the suppliers to the evacuation centers with the help of the Sangguniang Kabataan of Pasil who were already mobilized.


Short and Long Term Future Goals 

The immediate goal was to help sustain the survival of the displaced families and boost their immune system despite being in the cramped and unsafe environments of the evacuation centers. We also hoped to build a relationship with the community in Barangay Suba for them to be one of our beneficiaries as part of our proposed project last 2020, the SULIT Machine.


Success Metrics 

Number of survivors who received Vitamin C and drinking water



Sangguniang Kabataan of Pasil

Majesty Pharmacy

Shamrock Bakeshop

Nature’s Spring Water