Fighting COVID pandemic in March 2020 required the best possible collaboration, so group of shapers from Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa hubs in collaboration with Kyiv City Council and local NGOs created an open coordination center "StopCovid UA". 

Through the effort of coordination center, 400+ volunteers from 13 cities supported medical staff, raised $30,000 for hospitals, organized more than 100,000 supplies for elder people and hospitals

Coordination was made through creation of public knowledge base, development of the website and various social media and chats, conducting public registries and regular open conference calls.

As a result of this project:

Development of the IT infrastructure was started (several tech projects helping anti-covid effort)

Elders and hospitals in 3 cities where hubs are located received supplies

Media campaigns were held on the appropriate behavior with public fact-checking

Translations of the medical protocols and equipment instruction were made

Psychological help was provided for doctors, volunteers, and people in lockdown

Medical staff living out of the city received transportation means


The project impact is following:

400+ volunteers engaged from 13 cities

$30,000+ raised for hospitals covered primary hospitals in 3 regions

100,000+ people 60+ y.o. who got supplies

The project received 1 million+ view with the support of 100+ media