Storytelling with UNICEF

Production and publication of a series of stories / fairy tales promoting universal values and attitudes of openness to other cultures, ethnicities and religions, aimed at the youngest audience - children.

What challenges are you trying to address? Increasing polarization of the Polish society and risk of attitudes against refugees and immigrants, especially from culturally different regions.

What solutions are you working on? Production and publication of culturally universal stories for children, through which we will promote an attitude of openness to other cultures, ethnicities and religions. Stories will be available for individual customers and additionally we are planning to include them as part of advocacy programmes driven by UNICEF Poland.

What impact would your solutions have? Shaping attitudes of openness to other cultures, ethnicities and religions among children, with stories from across the world (which focus on universal values, attitudes and behaviours). On top of that, the project will be aimed at supporting UNICEF Poland in acquisition of new donors.


  • Number of newly acquired pledge donors for UNICEF (specifically through Storytelling with UNICEF project)

  • Number of streams (in the sense of children impacted)

  • Media impressions - to be confirmed