Strengthening Electoral Awareness in Pakistan

Problem Statement: Pakistan faces a challenge of low awareness among its youth regarding electoral processes, election laws, and the crucial role played by the Election Commission. This lack of awareness hampers the development of an informed electorate.

Desired Impact: To empower the youth with comprehensive knowledge of elections, encouraging active participation in the electoral process, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards a transparent and accountable democratic system, considering the fact that Pakistan will be having general elections in the beginning of the coming year.

Hub Activities: The project, “Strengthening Electoral Awareness in Pakistan,” addresses this challenge through a targeted strategy: Awareness Campaign on Election Laws: Initiating a campaign to educate youth about election laws, ensuring they understand the legal framework governing elections in Pakistan.

Project Goals:

  • Conduct seminars

  • Mock elections

  • Mobilize Youngsters

  • Generate simplified informative content

Project Metrics:

  • Number of Awareness Sessions: Conducted two awareness sessions, one virtually and one in-person, with participants of the Khushali Fellowship Program. All participants are girls aged 18 to 24 with limited electoral knowledge. During the sessions, the hub emphasized their responsibility to vote as good citizens and provided insights on how they can actively engage in this civic duty by ensuring they vote for the right candidate.

  • Survey with University Students: Conducted a survey with university students and spread awareness about the process of how young people can register themselves for the voting.


  • Khushali Fellowship Program

  • University of Lahore