Strengthening Meaningful Youth and Women Participation in Civic Engagement

Problem Statement: The project addresses the low participation of youth and women in civic engagement in Katsina State, Nigeria, due to barriers such as limited access to education, lack of awareness about civic processes, and cultural norms that discourage their involvement in decision-making.
Target Group: The project targets youth and women in Katsina State, particularly those from underserved and diverse populations, who face barriers to meaningful participation in civic engagement.
Proposed Solution: The project's proposed solution is to provide targeted programs that empower youth and women with the necessary skills and knowledge to actively engage in civic processes and drive positive change in their communities.
Hub Activities: The hub's activities include organizing skill-building workshops, mentorship programs, and community projects tailored to the needs of youth and women in Katsina State. They also leverage technology and partnerships to enhance program delivery and reach a wider audience.
Short and Long-Term Goals: The short-term goal is to empower at least 200 youth and 300 women with increased skills in areas such as public speaking, advocacy, and community organizing. The long-term goal is to create a more inclusive and democratic society in Katsina State, where youth and women actively participate in decision-making processes.
Available Metrics: Metrics include the number of participants empowered (500), percentage demonstrating improved leadership skills, number of community projects initiated, sustainability of participant engagement, and increased understanding of civic processes among participants.
Project Collaborators: The project collaborates with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies in Katsina State to expand its reach and impact.