Student Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The Student Mental Health Awareness Campaign project was initiated in response to the uncertainties brought about by COVID19 to students' academic life. The pandemic outbreak was stressful for students when they saw their school life and academic goals adversely impacted along with the loss of academic opportunities and changes in their day to day school life. There were uncertainties about examinations, school calender and modalities for delivery of lessons. For those who were making plans about starting university, they were left stranded in doubts. The project aims at (1) creating self-awareness about mental health, (2) providing information about how to cope with mental health issues and where to find support, and (3) breaking the cultural taboo about mental health. 

So far, we have reached approximately 750 high school students through workshop sessions delivered in 4 high schools around the island. The initiative is  welcomed by stakeholders involved in the educational sector as it is the first time that such an initiative centered on a culturally taboo subject, mental health, is implemented and delivered.