Summer TVET Camp

The Summer TVET camp is a project aimed at providing free training in various fields such as English language, ICDL, life skills, healthcare, accountancy, marketing and communication, electricity/PV, and hospitality to 110 unemployed young men and women. The project's problem statement is to address the lack of skills and training among young people, hindering their ability to secure employment or improve their livelihood. The target group is young people who are seeking to acquire new skills and knowledge to better their employment prospects. The project's proposed solution is to offer free training in various fields to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their employability. The hub activities for this project include providing training in different fields, conducting assessments to monitor progress, and offering mentorship and career guidance. The short-term goal is to equip participants with new skills and knowledge, while the long-term goal is to increase their employability and improve their livelihoods. The available metrics for the project include the number of participants trained, the percentage of participants who secure employment, and the impact of the training on their lives. The project collaborators include various organizations that specialize in different fields, such as healthcare, electricity, and hospitality. The Summer TVET Camp is sponsored by Super Novea.