The current pandemic has created an existential crisis for Oman’s locally owned businesses, many of which were created after almost a decade of Oman’s extensive efforts in creating an ecosystem for local SMEs to play a role in the country’s economic diversification.

However, in light of the current situation, many small businesses are finding themselves without the credit and capital to survive. The average small business has roughly enough cash to make it through one month, and being closed for a few weeks alone can devastate thousands of them.


Our initiative has brought us to select a number of influencers (in partnership with a local Digital media company Socialize) who will receive a special package containing product and service vouchers from approximately 8-10 local businesses, to be promoted using the hashtag and a new Instagram feature as a form of support.

This will hopefully encourage increased purchasing of local products and will support selected companies through this time. Businesses will be selected through an online form and in partnership with Souq El Sabt (A local market and initiative that supports small businesses).