Problem Statement

High school students in Germany need to understand the meaning of sustainability and its complex implications on businesses so that they can come up with sustainable start-up ideas

Target Group

High School students participating in business@school (a BCG program)

Proposed Solution

  1. Study material in forms of a study deck incl. explanation, tasks & solutions

  2. Workshop concept to develop sustainable business models with students & train the trainer workshops for teachers

Hub Activities

  • Project team & working mode set-up (beginning of October)

  • 1st Draft Study Doc ready (1st week of November)

  • Workshop with selected teachers for feedback (Nov. 11th 2023)

  • Revised Study Doc for students (end of November)

  • Workshop concept for pupils (end of December)

  • 1st Pilot Workshop with test school in Munich (Jan/Feb 24)

  • Following workshops with other schools (Q1 24)

  • Short Video for pupils (Q1 24)

Short and Long-term Goals

Short-term: Goal: High-school students can critically evaluate business models on their sustainability (full life-cycle assessment). Thus, they can identify greenwashing claims and will become more sensible consumers, acting as accelerators among their peers. Ideally they also get motivated to found truly sustainable business model themselves.

Long-term: Provide high-school students with knowledge & tools on sustainbility and ist implications on business as well as giving them examples (both positive & negative) and encourage them to think critically & innovatively through tasks and workshops.

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