Sustainability Sunday in Guatemala City

The Guatemala City Hub's Sustainability Sunday will take place on March 6th in partnership with La Ciudad a Pie, in support with the United Nations, to tackle and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will undertake a 4.7 km walk thought-out one of the city's major avenue. It will foster the engagement of the participants in a discussion-led activity, to learn about the city's historic landmarks, to commit to shape their daily activities to be more productive and sustainable (zero pollution, waste management, improvement of quality of life). Once finished, we will take public transport back to the starting point, where there will be open spaces for discussion, debates, interaction and special photoshoot with the participants favourite SDG. We will end our activity with the city's iconic zone 4 food, replenished and excited to be more sustainable.
The activity will be live-streamed on the UN's RCO broadcast from 10am to 1pm Guatemala Time (5pm to 8pm Geneva Time):