SwissConverge is a non-profit initiative, born in April 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, to offer an online space dedicated to emotional and psychological well-being for all the people who have seen their daily life suddenly disrupted because of the pandemic.


The initial goal of the platform was to offer emotional support to anyone who was struggling with his or her own emotions during the quarantine period. By giving them the opportunity to contact professional psychologists for free and find useful resources, SwissConverge became a point of contact between people in need and professionals available to support them.


With the evolution of the situation and the slow shift towards the return to normality, the Global Shapers Lugano Hub have decided to transform SwissConverge into a new umbrella platform, to face the evolving, new needs of the Ticino territory.


For this reason, SwissConverge is now counting 3 projects collected within the SwissConverge platform:


Swissconverge 4 You: where all the activities and contents of psychological support are collected, with the aim of guaranteeing concrete, free and easily accessible help for anyone experiencing stress conditions due to the pandemic. SwissConverge 4 you includes a chat line that put visitors directly in contact with professional psychologists.


SwissConverge 4 School: a free tutoring offer for middle and high school students, who have experienced the temporary/partial closure of schools during the pandemic and who want, or need, to use the summer months to improve their school results. The project is currently in its pilot phase.


SwissConverge 4 Fun: A space collecting contents to spend quality time at home or outside. This project aims to be a space dedicated to young artist, musicians, trainers and whoever wants to share some free time together.