In the spirit of increasing citizens’ involvement in Moroccan society, Rabat Shapers decided on the establishment of a project aiming at increasing political literacy. People elect local officials, councils, Members of parliaments who represent them in making decisions touching every facet of our daily lives. These decisions comprise what happens in every field in the country, going from schools, jobs, recreational facilities to national and international matters such as education, law, and the environment.
It is imperative to all of us to be aware of the people that represent and defend our rights to make sure that they reflect OUR values and OUR principles.

Since all the political movements in 2011, Moroccans have shown more interest in politics, and today, they have the motivation and the willingness to be part of politics. For that matter, Rabat Hub Shapers decided to introduce a new project that does not exist in Morocco yet called

So, what is It is a web project written in Moroccan Darija (Morccan Spoken Language) aiming at increasing political literacy through written texts as well as videos that will be made available online. Through we will be exploring the different concepts and processes related to Moroccan politics in order to help build people’s awareness and knowledge around this domain.

Rabat Hub strongly believes that this initiative would help encourage citizens’ participation in Moroccan politics, which will help raise Moroccans’ involvement in improving the community we live in.