Tackling the Digital Gap

Approximately 50% of Aguascalientes' population has no means of connecting to the internet. How can Shapers help to close the digital divide and foster collaboration to expand internet access? Aguascalientes Hub will focus on three spheres of digital connectivity, which are urgent priorities if the city is to respond in time:

  1. Participatory Design: Working with actors from the public, private and academic sectors, Shapers will facilitate spaces by taking an ecosystem approach to design new digital strategies for the city.

  2. Smart Citizenship: Shapers will put people at the core of the city's digital strategies. Public outreach will ensure citizens understand emerging technologies and have access to digital literacy programs.

  3. Optical Fiber: Shapers will work with local stakeholders to mobilise $23 USD per citizen to connect populations without internet access through 59 km of optical fiber.