Tackling unemployment in vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis

The reality in Merida, is that many people only receive a salary per working day, especially those who work in the textile branch, domestic workers and other vulnerable groups. An amount that is impossible to receive due to the working conditions brought on by the COVID-19. We need effective and tangible solutions so people can continue receiving a payment to support their families by working from home and fulfilling all the sanitary measures to prevent infections.


Our response is linking:

a.      Manufacturing companies that continue operating to produce and package masks.

b.      Previously mapped communities and workgroups that meet the labor needs of those companies.


Within the first 10 days of the project, we managed to link two manufacturing companies with approximately 70 people in over 10 communities and working groups and these numbers and continuously increasing.


The vulnerable groups we are working with are located in Mayan communities around Merida. (Dzan, Hoctún, Kankab, Kimbilá, Tekax, Xmaben, Kinchil, Yaxunah, Temozón, Pebá, Cuyo).


The idea is that this project becomes scalable, not only as a response to the unemployment problem that we are currently facing, therefore, will be divided into three phases.

1.      First phase: Short term, during the time of the contingency.

2.      Second phase: After the return of normal work, where we estimate not everyone will have work for layoffs and possible closure of companies, economic recession.

3.      Third phase: As the nation's usual course resumes.