Tech Action 4 Climate

Series of networking events focused on the private sector’s use of technology in tackling issues derived from climate change.


What challenges are you trying to address? The global economy is not on track to meet the needs of a growing population within environmental and resource constraints: that is the striking view of the 1,000 CEOs that participated in the most recent UN Global Compact - Accenture CEO on Sustainability. Despite growing commitment to environmental and broader sustainability issues, business leaders believe the global economy is lagging behind the action required to set us on a more sustainable pathway. We believe that technology and innovation is to become one of the key levers of progress in limiting the negative impact of human activity on the environment, as well as supporting the process of climate change adaptation of species.


What solutions are you working on? Building on overall experience and the broad business network of Global Shapers Warsaw Hub members, we want to build a communication platform focusing on the use of technology and innovation for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through this platform we want to showcase and promote Polish technological solutions.



  • Building awareness on the opportunities of technological solutions in limiting negative environmental impact of the private sector - audience of 150 people;

  • Connecting representatives of the private sector (corporates, social entrepreneurs, academia representatives) to foster partnerships;

  • Promoting tech climate-friendly solutions developed in Poland - media impressions (articles after each other);

  • Sourcing of new talent with climate expertise to Global Shapers Warsaw Hub.