Telemedicine: Cuidado ao seu Lado

Problem Statement

"If you can, stay at home!". This is one of the phrases we heard the most during the Covid-19 pandemic, but what if we need to go to the doctor?

Target Group

Covid-19 vulnerable patients

Proposed Solution

Cuidado ao seu Lado was a project launched by the Florianopolis Hub which consisted in giving people the opportunity to receive medical care and support at home while preserving the social distancing. The main objective was to provide Covid-19 vulnerable patients free access to doctors and nurses through telemedicine.

Hub Activities

The Hub formed a partnership with a telemedicine company called TopMed which engaged a cross country team to subscribe beneficiaries in the platform.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

The initial objective was to give free access to telemedicine to 1.000 people. However, because of technological difficulties experiences, we were only able to help and support about 250 people.