The Learn From Home Project

The Pandemic caused by Covid-19 had impacted lives and economies around the world. The education sector was no different - having been one of the most severely impacted. While schools in India were closed for several months, the impact on education was severe. With no opening in sight and a strong resistance by the parent body and health experts to not open schools until a vaccine was found, schools had no choice but to start online classes and continue education for their students.


While most International schools had asked parents to buy the latest iPads for children, the vast majority of schools in Bangalore, India, had to rely on basic gadgets like smart phones to continue their education. The hardest hit were the 7th and 10th grade students who would be facing a public exam! It was crucial for them to continue their studies and prepare for public exams which would set the basis for their future education and careers.


To bridge the gap and ensure continuation of education for the students, Global Shapers Bangalore raised funds for 34 students of grade 7 and 10 of Raintree School.


They equipped these students with Lenovo Tablets (Model No. ZA570151IN) which were ideal for online classes.

Through this intervention we reimagined the “Learn from home” concept and ensured there is no gap in learning for these students and their education continued.