The Mindful Hour

Problem statement: 1 in 8 people are affected by mental health issues. Yet there is a stigma and taboo around this issue.

Target group: Everyone in Munich can join the activities.

Proposed solution: The hub organises monthly panel discussions and conferences to speak up and raise awareness about mental health. The goal is to lift the stigma and the taboo around it. Little by little, the hope is to change mentalities, empower people to ask for help and help those around them.

Hub activities: So far, the hub has organised 3 events, with a total of 100+ attendants and 7 speakers. One event was even filmed, is on Youtube, and got 100+ views so far. The hub is planning to organise one event per month and to gradually increase the attendance. The team has already found speakers for the next 4 events. Each event has a specific topic.

Project short and long-term goals:

  • Short-term goals: The hub wants to prompt the audience to reflect on their life, on their health, and on the life and health of those in their life. Listening to testimonies, advices and research from speakers can help them to find the tools to face the difficult subject of mental health.

  • Long-term goals: The hub aims at empowering society as a whole to speak up about mental health. If the taboo and stigma around mental health is lifted, politicians will be pushed to create more policies to safeguard public mental health, companies will implement measures for the well-being of their employees, and individuals will be more respectful towards each other.

Available metrics:

So far, the project has acheived:

  • 6 conferences

  • 15 speakers

  • 20 Shapers who participated

  • 100 non-Shaper participants in presence

  • 100 views of the first event on Youtube

And this is just the beginning!

Project collaborators: TUM Think Tank - The TUM Think Tank at the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy facilitates societal and political change by bridging theory and practice, thinking and doing, insight and action.