The Open Ventilator

The Open Ventilator is an artificial ventilator designed to help COVID-19 patients with severe breathing difficulties. This device was developed as the go-to-alternative during ventilators shortage given the high demand for these medical devices during COVID-19 pandemic.

This device is built only from certified and tested parts that are highly-available in medical facilities and online stores. It includes a reliable and carefully tested mechanism to control oxygen volume and pressure of the respiratory cycle. Its software complies with all the basic requirements of sanitary authorities and regulators in Spain.

The nature of the project is non-profit and open-source, therefore any country, company or individual can download the design, software source code and manual with instructions to assemble. We strongly advise users to have the required medical training and proficiency to properly make use of these kinds of medical devices to ensure the safety of patients. 

The device is designed to achieve mass-production prioritizing the safety of the COVID-19 patient, shortening production-time, keeping production-costs low and high-availability of required parts. The device has been tested with animals demonstrating high functionality, versatility, safety and efficiency.

In total, more than 30 people from different fields such as engineering, medicine, computer science, design, entrepreneurship, legal and data, have joined their forces and knowledge to finish the design of a fully functional prototype ventilator in less than a week.