The Orange Window

The Orange Window is a project by Global Shapers Kolkata Hub to spark honest conversations with youth on understanding gender and gender-based violence. Through a series of offline and online events we will question, deliberate, act and implement new ideas to make our city and our communities question stereotypes and gender based violence from it’s core.

The hub's goal is to create safe spaces in the city where young people can discuss & express the difficult ideas around gender, sexuality, mental health, toxic gender norms with peers. We believe to end gender-based violence we must go to the roots or else every other intervention will be a band-aid solution. We launched this project on 25th November, 2018 and our achievements till now: 1) We have created a community of 20 + young artists in the city through our Open Mic sessions who use art, poetry and songs to promote gender equality 2) We have conducted sessions on consent, gender& sexuality and GBV awareness covering 100+ college students. 3) We have entered into partnership with No More which is the largest public awareness campaign in the world against sexual violence and domestic abuse. We recently observed the No More Week and are receiving important inputs from them.